November 13, 2019


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7 For sharp discounts on your next cruise: Though more than a dozen cruise brokers compete for your business (,,,, and many more), this one presents its offerings in such clear, understandable fashion as to win my vote.

8 For discounted prices on your next auto rental: In addition to revealing low rates, it also draws your attention to special coupon offers that can reduce your costs even more. It’s in heavy competition with the longer-established, which also should be consulted.

9 For lower-cost shore excursions on your next cruise: In addition to offering lower rates in nearly every major port at which the big cruise ships stop, it also places you in

12-passenger vans instead of the 45-passenger motorcoaches used by the cruise lines themselves.

10 For bargain rates on air-and-land packages to the Caribbean and Mexico: The Miami-based Vacation Travel Mart lists heavily discounted prices for departures from Fort Lauderdale and Miami, but actually will handle such packages from any major U.S. city.