January 28, 2022

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The view from dock

Capri, Italy- Island Life

I first visited the island of Capri, seven years ago with my family. We had gone in the spring, when it was just beginning to bustle with tourists. The weather was perfect mix of sun and clear Carolina blue sky, with a constant cool breeze brushing up from the shore. I remember how quiet and [...]


Paris, France- Drinking Wine from a Baby Bottle

There have been many places that I’ve visited over the last year and a half that have left an impression, but one particular restaurant, down the street from the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris, left me wanting more. Les Refuges du Fondue is one of the few restaurants that I make a point of visiting every [...]

Sciacca's Bath house

Sciacca, Italy- The Spa Day from Hell

During our six week backpacking trip, my sister and I made it a point to stop in Sicily. When we were younger, our parents had taken us to Italy’s mainland to meet my mother’s family, but we were unable to venture down south, which is where my father’s family is from. Therefore, after visiting Palermo, [...]

City of Perugia

Perugia, Italy- Every Chocoholics Dream

Have you ever wished for a day solely revolved around eating chocolate? Or that all your favorite sweets could be found in one place? Well you can stop dreaming, because it’s actually a reality in the Umbria region of Italy. Every October, the Eurochocolate festival is held in the small town of Perugia, attracting thousands [...]


Budapest, Hungary- I Just Can’t Stop Eating

Everyone that knows me or has followed my blog knows that I’m an avid eater. My attitude is you only live once and if you have to buy bigger pants from time to time so be it. After living abroad for a year and a half and not stepping on a scale once that entire [...]